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Linguistic Software & Praat Scripts


When it comes to software, we linguists often depend on other people's good will, or their understanding of our rather particular research problems, for the tools we need. In practice, that doesn't always work out well. This has led me to create a series of programs and scripts for my own research, which I hope will be of use to others.


Perkins - The Phonetician's Assistant

Perkins is software which phonemically transcribes, syllabifies and assigns accents and pauses to orthographic Spanish texts. Other common transcription modes include CV, place of articulation and manner of articulation. For Windows and GNU/Linux.



Lenz - IPA Keyboard Remapper

Lenz is a free Windows application that allows you to type IPA symbols directly into Unicode-compatible applications (these include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Praat, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Notepad++ and others). With a little practice, it's possible to type in IPA at a nice, brisk pace -- far faster than can be done with solutions that involve picking, copying and pasting individual symbols.



Praat scripts and resources

Getting Praat to do your bidding is like harnessing the atom -- quite the trick to pull off, but well worth it when you do. One of the best ways to do that is with scripts. This page contains a few, as well as some other Praat resources.



Frequency List Wizard

Frequency List Wizard is a command-line program that does various useful things with... frequency lists. It's free software, written in Perl and licensed under the GPL v3. For all major platforms.